Scales systems

What is this and what is its purpose?

We offer self-acting scales for fitting on a waste collection vehicle feeding hopper. The system is based on tensometric sensors, and their number depends on a size, kind of a vehicle and its fitting. The sensors are usually placed under the supports of a tank or a scales platform. In combination with appropriate measuring devices, it is possible to measure mass, exerted force or dose raw materials (e.g. while filling bottles with a liquid or selling loose raw materials).


Most frequently, our systems are used for weighing municipal waste collected from real estate owners by means of mounting a scales system on a waste collection vehicle feeding hopper, and also for measuring loads on road vehicles with a frame, by means of measuring the mass of an entire vehicle or that of a load only.


The system guarantees the precision of indications ensuring legalization in the III or IV balance accuaracy class.
Thanks to equipping a vehicle in scales, you will be able to conduct the reading of the collected municipal waste weight with assigning it to a particular location. An additional possibility is that of obtanining information about the time of starting the scales, which allows to control the operators' work time, and increases performance.


Equipment of a vehicle:

  • a complete set of extensometers (2 pcs.)
  • a module of signal concentrator
  • a scales processor
  • a control unit
  • interface fora telemetric system
  • receipt printer (optionally)
  • sensor of container presence (optionally).


The devices used by us for vehicle monitoring have been approved, and permitted for use on the entire territory of the European Union, on all the categories of vehicles.


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