RFiD UHF technology

What is this and what is its purpose?

Identifying trash bin’s in the RFiD UHF technology is a modern, and, at the same time, likely to be developed even further, solution which has proved its value in the conditions of Polish climate. It guarantees the repeatability of reading operations at the level of 98% everywhere where there are no special requirements relevant to the precision of mounting TAGs on a container.

Mounting the RFiD UHF aerial does not require any interfence in a waste collection vehicle feeding hopper! Installing the aerial consists solely in welding, on one of the sides of a waste collection vehicle (within a feeding hopper), a handle, to which the aerial will be attached.

The system may be configured in such a way that it will record emptying trash bins by a waste collection vehicle feeding hopper as well as manually by a waste collection vehicle's crew. Additionally, the system makes it possible to conduct TAGs reading from containers, as well as the RFiD labels on waste bags.


Main feautures of the solution include:

  • rapid reading
  • reading several TAGs at the same time
  • maximum range of 10 m, even for metal containers
  • recognising TAGs ('own' and 'alien')
  • long life of TAGs
  • simple mounting and dismounting (unscrewing 4 screws and disconnecting push-in fitting).


The equipment may be prepared in a way making it possible to mount and dismount it by the service staff of Customer within the period of 30 minutes.

The TAGs supplied by us are programmed in such a way that they can be used only and solely by Customer, and also that it is not possible to change its contents. Together with TAGs, you will receive a TAG distribution procedure which has proved its value in the course of many years of use, appropriate system tools for conducting it, together with a cycle of trainings in the scope of its use.


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