eTrash can

What is this?

A small device serving as a tracer recording the 'behaviour' of a trash can, trailer, silo or another item requiring constant location and/or relocation control and not having its own power source.

An efficient internal power source makes it possible for the device to work in places where there is no infrastructure whatsoever. The device may be equipped with additional sensors, controlling, e.g. a eTrash filling. The collected data are sent to the system server, to be processed and converted into usable management information.


  • Long life - during the life of a waste bin – on statistical
  • Simple and rapid mounting – no cables or aerials
  • Prepared to work in a sharp climate
  • IP68


Functionality of the device:

  • Ascertaining in-field location, automatic determining a position after mounting on a waste bin
  • Testing the location
  • Constant reporting on an item location, and also relocation
  • Identifying and updating the current location of a container in accordance with a pre-defined schedule
  • Recording all and any movements of an item (vehicle transport, manual relocation, etc.) regardless of a vehicle in use Maintenance-free work with the use of an internal power source
  • Unauthorised trash relocation alert
  • Sabotage alert – attempt to remove the device
  • Service alert – signalling a low battery level
  • Automatic stock-taking of trash by location


The device in the automatic mode sends encrypted data (AES) in accordance with a pre-defined schedule to the system server (several times a day, week or month), to be processed and made accessible in the form of pre-defined special-purpose analyses and alerts.

System software, made accessible by means of access to the WEB application. Access to data is possible for any number of users anywhere in the world by means of a browser (FireFox 60 or newer).


Main software functions:

  • Keeping a register of trash
  • Keeping a register of contracting parties
  • Geolocating contracting parties on a digital map
  • Signalling the state of devices (in particular, batteries)
  • Indicating the current location of waste bins
  • Storing information about the past movements of waste bins
  • Recovering the past relocations of waste bins
  • Unauthorised trash bin relocation alert
  • Service alert
  • Stock-taking of waste bins on the premises of Customer (assigning location to a waste bin’s)
  • Summary reports on waste bin) rotation (in accordance with the projects pre-arranged with Customer)
  • Generating reports in accordance with the indications of Customer, e.g.: stock-taking, financial settlement and accounting, assigning an item to a given Customer, etc.
  • Generating and assigning accounts to the particular branches of a company
  • Uniform numbering of waste bins


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