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What is this and what is its purpose?

The offered solution is a multi-module system of control, financial settlements, and also reporting the activities performed with the use of the possessed fleet of vehicles. The tool is used for automating the entire process of fleet of vehicles management, including keeping an electronic waybill.

Thanks to the function of a contracting party geolocation on a digital monitoring map, combined with the system of planning jobs and the possibility of sending them directly to a driver's terminal, we reduce the time needed to conduct the financial settlements of waybills to several minutes.


Who is the service for ?

The solution is dedicated to all the entities wanting to automatise the process of the financial settlements of the services provided by their vehicles.


What does the system consist of?

  • Customised system software, together with necessary reports and analyses,
  • A logistic terminal in a vehicle serving for receiving, confirming and sending messages, forms, and also photos,
  • The equipment of vehicles in the form of vehicle control registering device connected with a CAN bus, a complete set of fitting work control sensors in accordance with the recommendations of Customer, and also controlling the work time of the vehicle and operator,
  • Warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment of a vehicle,
  • Cycle of trainings in the scope of operating the system,
  • A repair set, and also training in the scope of diagnostics and replacing particular system elements in a vehicle,
  • Hot-line assistance during the validity period of the agreement in the scope of using the system.
  • Main functionality of the system includes two areas/roles – dispatcher, and also operator. The number of areas/roles, and also their functionality, are pre-defined individually for each Customer at the stage of process analysis.


System makes it possible to:

  • Keeping a register of contracting parties and geolocating them on a digital monitoring map
  • Developing, verifying and conducting the financial settlements of jobs
  • Developing, current verification and the financial settlement of an electronic waybill
  • Sending jobs, points of visits, messages and queries to the operator's terminal
  • Confirming/Sending messages, notes and photos to the dispatcher by the operator
  • Controlling the work time of the Operator and the staff
  • Controlling the work time of an engine while idle running and with a load
  • Controlling the number and time of long and short-time stops of vehicles
  • Verifying routes for any given period


The solution has an in-built mechanism of exchanging data with the systems of the ERP Customer type (finances-accounting), and may also be extended by adding the BPM class system for the circulation of documents and information, which will automatise the exchange of purchase and labour force, and the flow of information on contacts with Customers.


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