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One of the elements of our logistics management system is the terminal mounted in the opera-tor's cabin. The terminal acts as a communicator between the Operator and the Dispatcher with the possibility of sending documents or visiting points.


  • Car communicator
  • The tool for sending orders, routes, sales plans, documents, etc.
  • Device for driving an Electronic Road Card
  • Car navigation


Terminal communication with the system takes place via the basic equipment installed on the vehicle (recorder with the antenna system), which ensures a constant view of the driver's work in the field and - most importantly - constant on-line communication and data transmission from the terminal to the dispatcher's computer and vice versa.

The functionality of the system can be divided into two zones - Dispatcher and Operator.


Dispatcher's functionality (Web application):

  • Contact at any time with the selected driver using a special tool in the monitoring module,
  • Transfer to the terminal:
    - about routes and individual locations
    - for messages and questions
    - about sales plans,
    - of orders
    - for delivery documents and / or financial documents,
    - about the visit reports of the points, or their updating.
  • Recreation of vehicle routes,
  • Displaying objects on the map - defined points, eg customers


Operator's functionality (terminal):

  • confirmation of the above communications,
  • asking questions,
  • preparation and automatic transmission of electronic documents to the head office,
  • navigating based on the sent route by the Dispatcher
  • additional functions determined individually with the client.


The devices have two options for entering notes, manually, by entering text, and automatic by selecting a task from a predefined list of events.

A form will be installed on the driver's terminal, which will be responsible for sending the infor-mation requested by the customer. This information will be entered by the driver of the vehicle. At the request of the Ordering Party it is possible to create additional forms (maximum 21) for different situations or orders.

This solution allows you to enter all the necessary information without the need for costly connec-tions and electronic-electrical installations and construction works.

This solution also allows you to create photo documentation on the job site and send it to the system.

There are 5, 6 and 7 inch versions and versions with cameras.


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