What is this?

The presented solution to the system of the electronic circulation of documents supporting waste management.

The environment is configured and customised, which makes it possible to streamline work, increase precision and 'get the daily work of your team in order'.


  • Reducing 'paperwork' and archiving documents
  • Automating and ordering the flow of documents
  • A single source of information accessible to the authorised users 24/7
  • Controlling situation in terms being back on track, and also salvage ratios
  • A tool supporting resident declaration management


Who is it dedicated to?

The system is dedicated to economic entities responsible for executing The Tidiness and Order Act – cities and towns, communes, and also the unions of communes.

What is its purpose?

The tool is used for keeping the files of documents (declarations, letters, photos, etc.), automating the circulation of documents, data search, acquiring real information on being back on track, and also comparing them with submitted resident declarations, in order to discover discrepancies.

Thanks to access to current data, a user may take preventive and management actions to improve their waste management system.

Implementing the solution will make it possible to meet the needs resulting from legal requirements, e.g. with implementing the provisions relevant to the General Data Protection Regulation.


Essential functionalities of the system:

  • keeping an electronic correspondence office
  • developing the paths of the circulation of documents for chosen processes
  • automating the processes of the circulation of documents
  • managing resident declarations
  • comparing the manner of segregating waste with a declaration
  • keeping a register of real estates, both inhabited and non-inhabited
  • keeping a register of waste collection points
  • keeping a register of residents
  • keeping a register of waste file
  • access to the digital version of documents regardless of the address of stay and time
  • developing analyses, financial settlements, reports and statements on the basis of real data from the monitoring system, orders, waybills, or identifying containers
  • monitoring the state of being back on track in terms of particular schedules
  • managing a registers of illegal landfills
  • finding information/documents with the use of an internal search engine.
  • identifying unwanted phenomena such as incorrect segregation, lack of segregation, or additional containers not included in the system
  • multi-positional acceptance of documents
  • integration with external systems.


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