What is this and what is its purpose?

This is a multi-module system for acquiring and processing data, and also making them, accessible in the scope of the work of machines, vehicles and their operators. Data on the work of vehicles are collected automatically, not involving a driver/an operator, and with the use of a telemetric system. Depending on the kind of vehicle, data on its work are acquired from the installed sensors, a CAN bus or/and operator's/driver's terminals.


The system is composed of several tens of collaborating modules. The functionality of each of them is customised. The entire system software is made accessible to Customer in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model on the provider's computer infrastructure.


The system makes data accessible to particular users depending on their roles in a company, which is reflected in the system in scope of accessible data (e.g. in the form of reports), and also the possibility of using particular system functions.


Main functional system areas include:

  • Keeping a register of vehicles – where all and technical parameters are pre-defined for vehicles/machines, together with functions making it possible to keep a register of documents connected with a vehicle such as: copies of insurance policies, copies of technical tests, past repairs, etc.
  • Keeping a register of drivers/operators – alike for vehicles, the system keeping a register of operators/drivers, together with the possibility of collecting documents confirming qualifications, authorizations, etc. The system automatically notifies of deadlines, e.g. of tests.
  • Keeping a register of items – this is the group of functions managing geographical items such as building sites, vehicle routes, permanent bases, places of collecting materials, etc.
  • Conducting exchange with external systems – is conducted by the system on the basis of in-built modules of the ETL class or/and configured WEB Services for exchange with, e.g. the ERP class systems.
  • Maintaining current control – on the basis of a digital map, current data are presented for all controlled items/vehicles.
  • Keeping current financial settlements – system modules make it possible to develop, file and settle financially job cards/waybills, jobs on the basis of hard-copy or electronic documents drawn up on vehicle terminals, and also comparing them automatically with the indications of a telemetric system.
  • Maintaining control and fuel financial settlements – including the current collecting information from particular vehicles on work time, fuel consumption, and also events related to fuels such as filling or losses. These activities are multi-faceted on the basis of data from a CAN bus, work time of vehicles, and, if possible, on the basis of digital fuel probe readings installed in the tanks of particular vehicles, or, for some vehicles, the reading of the indications of a float.
  • Reporting – technically, it is done on the basis of the in-built mechansms of DataMining. Every time, reports are customised with the requirements of Customer in mind. They may be drawn up as functions system, or automatically in accordance with a set schedule, and distributed by means of the components of the BPM system.


Description of roles/areas

The material below is pictorial, and has been 'modified' so as to make you familiar with the core facts about our activities.

The system will be divided into 2 areas/roles – dispatcher and operator. Each of the roles has separate rights to avoid duplicating particular tasks. This solution is to make it possible to process a daily vehicle license in no more than 2-5 minutes. If any irregularities in scope of performed tasks are ascertained, the dispatcher may enter their corrections or comments into the license.


Position/Role of dispatcher

  • Keeping a register of contracting parties and geolocating them on a digital monitoring map
  • Supervising the financial settlements of electronic waybills
  • Developing, verifying and conducting financial settlements of 'route management documents'
  • Verifying and conducting financial settlements of tasks/jobs
  • Sending orders, communications and messages to a driver's terminal
  • Verifying incompatibility of the work of chosen vehicles, and also their fitting
  • Verifying and conducting the financial settlement of a vehicle's work time
  • Verifying and conducting the financial settlement of staff's work time
  • Verifying and conducting the financial settlement of fuel
  • Verifying and maintaining inventory
  • Keeping a register of staff and a register of vehicles
  • Developing communications and alerts for the particular groups of vehicles
  • Managing the system of recording and processing service orders


Position/Role of operator

  • Sending communications and messages
  • Confirming the receipt of communications and messages
  • Confirming the receipt of a job on a terminal screen
  • Informing about 'commencing the task' , and also 'completing the task'
  • Choosing the pre-defined cost position for the task in progress
  • Filling-in and sending additional forms (after making previous arrangements).


The above-descriped roles will involve responsibility for conducting the main 'production' process. Each role is involved at a different stage of work and task completing.


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