What is this?

The offered solution is a system automatising the circulation of documents, information on sales, and also other business processes.

The environment is configured and customised, which makes it possible to streamline work, increase precision and get the daily work of your team in order.


  • Reducing 'paperwork' and archiving documents
  • Automating and ordering the flow of documents
  • Source of information accessible to the authorised users 24/7
  • Control the progress of work, orders, traders' work, etc.
  • Assisting in the financial settlement of costs on the basis of actual data


Who is it dedicated to?

This solution is dedicated to all economic entities wanting to reduce paperwork, automatise and order the flow of internal and external documents, develop knowledge base accessible 24/7, control the progress of particular jobs , and also reduce the time needed to perform them.

The system is used by service and trade, municipal, engineering, and also transport and logistics companies.


What for?

The system is based on the Alfresco Community software, and is an integral element of the logistics management system of our company. Combined with vehicle monitoring, order management systems, an electronic waybill, makes it possible for an user to access actual information and parameters from a vehicle.

The system makes it possible to identify potential threats to executing agreements, performing jobs or tasks, and take corrective measures rapidly.


Essential functionalities of the system:

  • keeping an electronic correspondence office
  • summary order importing, including orders prepared in an xlsx file
  • support for planning order processing, jobs, servicing, etc.
  • assigning jobs to be performed by appropriate departments/staff members
  • keeping the record of contracting parties, together with trade information
  • monitoring the progress of particular jobs and tasks
  • developing roles/Positions, together with assigning appropriate competences to them
  • developing the paths of the circulation of documents for chosen processes
  • multi-degree data security
  • multi-position approval of documents
  • possibility of synchronising with external systems
  • developing analyses, financial settlements and reports on the basis of real data from the monitoring system, orders, waybills, or identifying containers
  • filing and conducting the financial settlements of off-balance costs
  • mechanism of file deduplication (releasing hard disk space)
  • possibility to view documents from anywhere and at any time
  • in-built mechanism of automatic notification on changes in events, documents and tasks, already entered or new


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