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What is this and what is its purpose?

Our original solution makes it possible to monitor vehicles or machines without incurring costs connected with mounting and dismounting devices on road vehicles !!!


Main functions of the system include:

  • recording the geographical position of a vehicle (precision: up to 3.5 m)
  • constant data transmission (GPRS)
  • automatic identifying of events such as long- or short-time stop, or travelling
  • ignition
  • recovering the cycle of travelling and work of a vehicle in the animation mode
  • archiving the complete set of data on all operators' positions
  • possibility of observing all vehicles in real time
  • possibility to log in the system from any given computer anywhere in the world if an Internet connection is available (and the computer is configured in accordance with recommendations)
  • access to the system from several operator's positions at the same time.



Mounting the device consists in connecting it to a service connection (OBD2) in a vehicle. If there is not enough space near OBD2, it is possible to purchase appropriate cable(s) to connect the recording device.


Mounting the system in the main version consists in mounting the device on a vehicle window pane with the use of suction cups or Velcro, and also connecting cables coming out of it to a constant power source on a vehicle (+ and -) or a lighter socket. Such a solution makes it possible to save money and time, and also to obtain information about the actual travelled route, the time when journey starts and ends, and also the travelled distance.


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