About us

What do we do?

We are involved in implementing advanced IoT solutions, and also Smart Solution, using the following advanced technologies: LTE-CATM1, LTE-CATNB1, or BPM-ECM. It is our goal to offer Customers the most suitable products and services.

In our offer, you will find, first and foremost, logistics management systems for companies active in various fields, including waste collection, the transport of sensitive goods, trade or services.

What makes us stand out?

EDZ boasts more than twenty years of experience in implementing advanced IT solutions. Telemetric systems serve as the data source for special-purpose logistics management systems.

Who do we provide services for?

For several years, it has been our speciality to offer a fleet of vehicle management systems in the following areas:

  • public (City/Town Halls and Commune Offices),
  • municipal,
  • transport and forwarding,
  • civil engineering,
  • trade.

The strategy of our company is based on selling projects, rather than programs or devices. We treat the modern technology at our disposal solely as a tool required to meet particular goals.

We want to highlight that we treat the matters of formal and legal requirements as something paramount. We want our Customers to be aware that our devices meet the legal requirements of the European Union, and, consequently, those set forth in our domestic regulations.

Ul. Fabryczna 15, 41-404 Mysłowice
NIP: 222-08-72-157, REGON: 241403524

Sales department: +48 505 622 975

Service department: +48 509 159 863



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